Cast of Characters

The Price Crew

Tiffany, the best person on the planet, quit her job to raise our kids and homeschool them in the most loving and supportive environment we could find, our house.  She is the backbone of our family and the workshop. 

Deacon, Isaac, and Elizabeth are our band of crazies.  They challenge us to be better versions of ourselves every day. Besides being my shop apprentices, they are my creative team, quality testers and hiders of tools.  

New Transition 

We recently moved into a fifth wheel RV full time.  Wanting to downsize our footprint and reduce unnecessary expenses, Tiff suggested the idea of full time living.  This lifestyle goes along with our family's goal of traveling the country and one day opening our own creative maker space and children learning center.  Yes, I did have to give up my luxurious workshop, but I've adapted to the smaller size by using the RV's spacious rear storage area as a new work space.  

We're excited for this new chapter in our life and look forward to the amazing adventure that are in store for us.  No matter the size the of the shop or the variety of tools available, creativity manifests itself in many ways.  We love our new lifestyle and would love to share it with you.  


After leaving engineering school, I served in the Army for 8 years as a helicopter crew member. After the military I worked in the defense contracting world as a water survival instructor and as a processing planner.  I have since finished my Bachelor's and my Master's degrees and constantly find myself blending my education with making, creating, and teaching. 

Always wanting more, and striving to create, I found myself saying, "I can make that" a lot. So I got some tools and started making things. The workshop has rekindled a love of designing, tinkering, and making I thought I had lost.